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CultureCrush: CultureCrush helps black daters make cultural connections. From Rio de Janeiro to Richmond, users can search for potential mates of their nationality, ethnicity, or tribe in any city on the globe. CultureCrush is not only ideal for those looking for someone special in their hometown, but also for expats, travelers, and immigrants looking to to find a match for themselves, or a friend, as they travel the world. Looking for an Igbo Nigerian woman in Iowa? An Jamaican in Jakarta? A Liberian in Louisville? Look no further than CultureCrush.

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TipOff: TipOff is a word guessing game for the culture. It’s just like the board game taboo - but for you! Players break into teams and take turns describing the word at the top of the card to their teammates without saying any parts of the 5 unmentionable words listed at the bottom. Users can customize their experience by selecting from one of our themed word categories like church, HBCU’s or even Chicago.